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Tranquility. Deep Tissue. Chakra. Signature. 

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Are you currently.....


Walking around in a state of discomfort due to either-

-Some form of injury or muscle pain due to work, having children, or the gym.

-Or carrying stress from your job, the business, or family...


Are you ready to....

-Reduce muscle soreness, tightness or tension.

-Or to just give yourself a break and to de-stress.


We've got you covered...

Through the various modalities and treatment options our highly experienced team of therapist provide.

But what is a massage exactly?


This massage uses soothing techniques like long, slow strokes on your legs and back during your massage.

You will feel relaxed and at peace after this massage. 

Deep Tissue

This massage uses deeper pressure to help release muscle tension and pain. 

Your body will feel looser and relaxed. 


The Charka Massage takes  you on a sensory journey with specially formulated essential oils for your chakras, while the Signature Massage uses hot stones and a hand treatment to bring you to a state of peace. Each of these uses different massage techniques to relax your body and mind.

You will feel pampered and alive after one of these massages.

Here's what you get when you

Book In

There's so many options to choose from so your therapist will make sure you have the right massage during your consultation. Our team will ask you specific questions that relate to your problems and we will address them. 

PLUS, each massage is customized to your exact needs to guarantee YOU feel better.

But not only that! You'll also get these added bonuses!



Choose from many different types of essential oils.

Hot Towels


You'll also receive hot towels during your massage.


Hi! I'm Jessi and I own Wanderlust Salon and Spa

I suffer from chronic pain

For years I suffered in silence and I didn't know that massage could actually help me.

See, I've been a hair stylist for a long time and it comes with the job, and one day I WAS OVER IT! 

So I called a spa and got a massage. 

I felt so much better!

I started getting massages bi-weekly and finally began to get some relief and also received some amazing relaxation, which I believe helped me with some mental stress too. 

That's how Wanderlust Salon and Spa was born!

I decided I wanted people to get the all around experience and help they needed in one stop.

We Care!

I have carefully hand picked each of my therapist to make sure they have the same vision in caring for people. 

This staff is amazing! 

They love and care for people exactly the way I do and it shows!

Wanderlust Signature Massage

You'll get a 65 minute massage that includes tranquility and deep tissue techniques, hot stones & an ecofin softening hand treatment for only $115. You'll get all the added bonuses on top of that for FREE!

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